Understanding your artificial hedging choices

by changyou Mellish on July 06, 2018


Over the past decade, there has been plenty of hype about artificial grass. Everyone is using it, from builders, merchants, garden designers and landscape gardeners.

There is a growing trend for artificial hedges and instant green walls hitting the UK. But what is it?

Our manufacturer in China makes these Artificial hedging from a mixture of plastic foliage and faux flowers, which click onto a plastic mesh backing. Because artificial hedging needs no maintenance or watering, it is often a more time-saving and cheaper solution than traditional natural plants. Also, the artificial hedge is fully recyclable, reducing the waste in landfill sites.
These days, consumers are much more price sensitive and environmentally conscious. As a result, people are actively looking for reasonably priced products and good for the environment.
Furthermore, with busy working schedules, people want to spend their leisure time enjoying their outdoor spaces rather than maintaining them.
Let me introduce our maintenance-free variety of artificial hedges and green walls. They require a basic wash down with soapy water twice a year or a fibre-duster to dust off the dirt indoors. This critical maintenance-free benefit makes it an attractive product, which is why the market is growing.
Artificial hedge product performs well in rain or shine because it designed to be UV-stable and weather-resistant. So it lasts many years and will look as good as it did on the installation day. For your peace of mind about our quality, our manufacturers back this up with 5-year warranties.
Our plastic hedge panels and green walls have flexible backing, so you can quickly fix around bends and corners. You can trim to size with a pair of scissors to allow faster installation.

Furthermore, suppose you like to add greenery to indoor living spaces, hotel lobbies, bars, and event decor. In that case, we have Fire Retardant Artificial Hedges and Green Walls, which fully comply with all fire safety regulations.