Shield the wind and sound with artificial hedge privacy screening

by changyou Mellish on July 06, 2018


How to shield the wind and sound with artificial hedge privacy screening? Here is a proper site installation we carried out.

A man often says his house is his castle. Colin had a problem. His home is on a busy main road. There are lots of traffic and huge lorries rushing by, creating loud noise and wind. Another problem is that his existing fence is only about one meter in height, and he was worried about his two cute little dogs jumping over the wall, and the heavy traffic might kill them.

After he did some research and price analysis, he asked Hedged In to create a privacy fence to satisfy his needs.
After a trip to the site for measurement, we prepared all the materials in our warehouse, so there was a minimum distraction to his daily life.
Despite the rain and freezing weather, our hedge team installed the 34 meters long and 2-meter height hedge fence in two days.
You can feel the difference immediately between sound and wind. And the dogs jump up and down, running happily in the garden.
Of course, Colin is delighted with the result. He now has the privacy and tranquility he always wanted.