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How to fix an artificial green wall?

by changyou Mellish on August 26, 2020

The artificial green wall has become more and more popular because it is low maintenance. But how do you fix a fake green wall?


Fix a green wall onto a wooden surface - you can staple onto the wooden fence panel with a stapler. We like to use a heavy duty one. Dewalt or Stanley are both good choice. Stapler also works well with plaster boards and timber frames.

Metal railing - cable tie is a quick way to fasten the green wall onto the railing. Try using black or green cable ties for less visibility.

Brick wall or stone wall - Use a nail plug, and screw the artificial green wall mesh onto the wall, using a washer for extra holding. If you cannot drill into the wall, try aqua bond or No More Nail to glue onto the surface.

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