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How do you install a fake hedge?

by Changyou Mellish on October 26, 2022
There are many ways you can install a fake hedge. Here are some scenarios:
Metal Railings. You use cable ties to tie the plastic mesh backing onto the railings. Then, use heavy-duty scissors to cut off the excess.
Wooden Fence Panels. You staple the artificial hedge panels onto the wooden surface with a stapler. Dewalt is an excellent brand to use. Please make sure you use heavy-duty galvanized staplers for outdoor uses.
Brick walls. You drill and plug the wall and screw the hedge backing onto the wall. Ideally, you use washers to increase the grip. Alternatively, you fix timber battens onto the wall half a meter apart, then staple the hedge panels onto the battens.
PVC Boards. A hot glue gun works well with PVC surfaces because plastic bonds well with plastic. However, wear gloves, as the melted glue can be scorching.