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Artificial Hedge Trough Make a Feature of Your Windowsill

by changyou Mellish on July 25, 2017

Windowsills are often small and need to be addressed. But, with just a little effort and the right decoration, they can be turned into an attractive feature, drawing admiring glances from your neighbours and passersby. Here’s how to turn yours into a focal point.

Style it with an instant hedge planter display.

A ready-made Instant Hedge Planter is an excellent choice to add softness and colour to the space. It creates a beautiful display that looks good and lasts for years.
These are UV-resistant to protect against fading, do not need watering or trimming, and can be made to fit your requirements, both lengthwise and height, so as not to block any light.


They come in various foliage options, i.e. ivy leaf, boxwood, floral…..create your style and stand out from the crowd.