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A Maintenance-free Garden Trends for 2020

by changyou Mellish on January 03, 2020

Dear visitor,

Our understanding of home and garden has shifted tremendously over the past ten years. We do not view them as confined, purely functional areas any longer. Kitchens have become places to entertain and are now often integrated into the living room, while our bathrooms have become personal wellness areas that blend with the bedroom. As such, we want them to reflect who we are and to fit our overall design vision.

As the director of Hedgedin, I'm proud of how we’re helping consumers to bring these new spaces to life - thanks to our ever-growing offering of full on-site installation solutions. Building on the success of our first on-site installation for a property management company in Macclesfield started four years ago, we have expanded into many other areas and completed hundreds of projects.

An artificial hedge can create an elegant design, reduce maintenance time, is the ideal materials for your essential home and garden range - making them a true “Perfect Screening” in form and function. And when it comes to foliage, our customers enjoy “Freedom of Choice”: they can be sure that they opt for one of our dozen foliage and finishes, which range from classic Dark Green Boxwood to Forestry Jungle Green Wall, all foliage will be available in UV stable and IFR fire retardant options for some.

While the bathroom has grown into private spas, kitchens have become the social centre of our home. We also spend a lot of our time in the gardens. Low maintenance and privacy are key concepts and with our lines of Artificial Greenery, we’re helping people enjoy the garden that is ultimate fresh: evergreen for longer periods. 

At Hedgedin we’re always thinking about the future, especially how we can shape your garden with Artificial Hedge. That's why we have been directing our energy towards onsite installation. Customers and industry experts such as construction companies have honoured our efforts, marking our installation services a huge success from the start. With hundreds of projects installed I feel even more confident in saying thanks to Artificial Hedging, we are transforming the experience of gardening. We at Hedgedin are creating privacy solutions that transform lives for the better for all our enjoyment.

So, as you browse these pages, I invite you to share our “Hedged In Facebook” with us. If you feel inspired, why not visit our showroom to experience some of our solution first-hand?

Sincerely, Jenny Mellish

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