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A classic shop front with artificial hedging

artificial hedge shop front

Artificial hedge products have many uses. Here is an excellent example of using synthetic hedging for a shop front.

Mr. Collinson’s shop is selling jewelry.  He wanted to update the shop front. He also has a problem with pigeons roosting on his rail.

First, we changed the rotten wood.  We then installed the artificial boxwood hedge panels. We also added spikes to prevent the pigeons landing on the rail.

Now the shop front is transformed and looks classic.

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Understanding your artificial hedging choices

Over the past decade, there has been plenty of hype about artificial grass. From builder’s merchants, garden designers, to landscape gardeners everyone is using it.

Now, there is a growing trend for artificial hedges and instant green wall hitting the UK. But what is it?

Our manufacturer in China makes these Artificial hedging from a mixture of plastic foliage and faux flowers, which click onto a plastic mesh backing. Because the artificial hedging needs no maintenance or watering, it is often a more time saving and cheaper solution than traditional real plants. Also, the artificial hedge is fully recyclable, so it reduces the waste ending up in landfill sites.
These days, consumers are much more price sensitive and environmentally conscious. People are actively looking for products which are reasonably priced and also good for the environment.
Furthermore, with busy working schedules, people want to spend their leisure time enjoying their outdoor spaces rather than maintaining them.
Allow me to introduce to you our maintenance free variety of artificial hedges and green walls. They require a basic wash down with soapy water twice a year, or fiber-duster to dust off the dirt if indoors. It’s this critical maintenance-free benefit which makes it an attractive product, and it is why the market is growing.
Artificial hedge product performs well in rain or shine because it designed to be UV-stable and weather resistant. So it lasts many years and will look as good as it did on the day of installation. For your peace of mind of our quality, our manufacturers back this up with between 3 and 5-year warranties.
Our plastic hedge panels and green walls have flexible backing, so you can quickly fix around bends and corners. You can trim to size with a pair of scissors to allow faster installation.

Furthermore, if you like to add greenery to indoor living spaces, hotel lobbies, bar, and events decor, we have Fire Retardant Artificial Hedges and Green Walls which are fully compliant with all fire safety regulations.

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Commercial Restaurant Design – From Visualisation to Reality with Artificial Hedging

EatElite is a new restaurant focus on healthy food and natural ingredients. The owner wants to create a theme of freshness and relax environment for healthy food lovers. We fulfilled the idea of bringing the outdoor-indoor with Hedged In Fire Retardant Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panels. Its realistic look and dark green foliage create classic neat hedging. With green artificial hedging as background, the company logo stands out much more.

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Quality artificial hedging products with excellent customer services equals repeat customer

Hedged in warehouse

When running a starting up a business selling very niche products, it is costly to get a profit for a customer to buy from us for the first time. The advertising cost includes SEO, Google Adword, business directory listing and attending a trade show, and so on. The key to a successful business is to persuade repeat business that customer buys again, and again. This way it cost far less for marketing.

Here at HedgedIn, we have a very enthusiastic team. Our artificial materials are with the highest grade of UV stabilizer, and with a fire retardant agent builds in. We produce all our instant hedge planters in our warehouse with attention to details. We constant communication and update our customers with the hedge building progress. With quality artificial hedging products, excellent customer services, and speedy delivery we have managed to gain lots of repeat customers.

Here is an example of satisfied customer feedback:

” Hi, Jenny,

The school was so impressed with your artificial box hedging they have asked us if we can get some more!  “

Aidan VDM Projects Ltd