Artificial Fire Retardant Boxwood Hedging Panel 50cm x 50cm


Inherently Flame Resistant (also called Fire Retardant) artificial boxwood hedge panels are an idea material for commercial projects such as shows, events and movie premier.


Inherently Flame Resistant (also called IFR) artificial Fire Retardant Boxwood Hedge Panels are an ideal material for display in the commercial events such as an indoor exhibition center, movie premier indoor events, and shows. Fire retardant hedges and plants have come a long way for the realistic look. We use for commercial sites that need to visually separate dining, lounging and lobby spaces while still maintaining an open air feel. Lifelike foliage makes a huge difference.

Its large size makes it easier to create seamless green hedges. These plastic hedge panels are very realistic and easy to install.

These artificial boxwood hedges are in vibrant shades of green with a high density of leaves, creating fake hedges for privacy or aesthetic design.

Made through an Inherent Fire Retardant (IFR) process, our manufacturer in China impregnated with the protective chemicals into the resin during production. The foliage on inherently flame resistant (IFR) Boxwood Hedge Panel resist ignition from a naked flame – e.g., a match or lighter.

Our fire retardant Inherently flame resistant artificial foliage is tested to

ISO 6925-1982 Textile floor covering-Burning behaviour-Tablet test at ambient temperature 

as determined by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services

we provide a certificate for these items.

Fire Retardant Boxwood Hedge Panel is the ideal product if you want to create maintenance-free hedges, privacy walls or decorative wall panels at a competitive price for public buildings or commercial premises.

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Dimensions 50 × 50 × 3 cm


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