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instant green wall for instant impact

instant green wall

HedgedIn stocks a range of plastic instant green wall panels.

These include UV-stable for outdoor use and IFR fire retardant for indoor. And they are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

A greenery backdrop in your home or office brings a peaceful effect. You can create your living wall with our fake green wall for an instant impact.

This vertical living wall can disguise eyesores, dress up the office reception, enhance a natural feel. It will revitalize your environment and bring your Spring feeling all year round.


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Bespoke Planters – Built To Your Specific Design

bespoke planter

Are you looking for a Bespoke Planter to fit your space perfectly? Look no further than our Bespoke Planter Building Service.

Our professional craftsmen build each planter to meet your exact requirement. From a Small windowbox to Large Planters, no job is too small for us to accomplish to your precise measurement. Because we use wooden decking, composite decking and other exterior material for making these bespoke planters, so these handcraft planters are of high quality with enhanced longevity. With UV-Stable box hedging finishing, these complete units of decorative garden furniture will add Contemporary Street Furniture Solutions to your home and business.

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artificial box hedge in trough

artificial box hedge in trough

Are you looking for an artificial box hedge in a trough? You need to look no further than our Bespoke plastic box hedging!

The measurement of the main image is 100cm length x 25cm depth x 25cm height Dark Grey Composite Decking Trough with 50cm high UV-Stable Artificial Boxwood HedgeTotal Height is 75cm.

We make each unit to order, so it fits your space perfectly. We install onsite too. Tell us your desire for privacy screening, and we will work with you for designing and creating the best finishing.

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Together we can shape the future

Hedged In Letter logo

Happy New Year to all my old and new friends!

I am the director of Hedged In Ltd. We supply quality artificial hedges, plants, and flowers. Artificial hedge has many uses, apart from the obvious one of providing very realistic, maintenance-free fences. People are increasingly utilizing with our products for a variety of different purposes.

Many people are finding the installation of artificial grass is becoming more popular for problem areas where natural grass is impractical. Similarly, the use of artificial hedges and plants can transform otherwise barren regions.

You can view our full range of products on our website at Please feel free to telephone me on 07753 314008 should you wish to discuss any specific case or matter in more detail. I do hope that we can establish a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Please check on our portfolio page for our newest design and our latest projects for your reference.

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Artificial privet hedge screening solve the dispute between neighbours

artificial privet hedge screening

We have recently installed an artificial hedging screening which is an excellent example of synthetic privet hedge screening solve the dispute between neighbors.

Chrissie lives in a national reserve area. She shares the same platform with her neighbor. Over times the tension has become a bit too much.
Some privacy needed. After some research, Chrissie decided to go with Hedged In for an artificial hedging screening.  As it is not fixed onto the platform, so there is no planning permission required.

We prepared all the materials in our warehouse in Stockport, so there is no paint or dust in Chrissie’s yard. We installed the artificial hedge with planter within half a day.
Now both neighbors are very happy with their privacy they deserved.

artificial privet hedge screening
artificial privet hedge screening divider
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Bespoke Artificial Topiary Tree and Hedge Letters

artificial hedge letter - Amani

Here at Hedged In, We help you design and create your own Unique Bespoke Artificial Topiary Tree and Hedge Letters, Instant Hedge Planters, WindowBoxes in our workshop, any size and any shape possible. With this unique creation, you sure to make a statement. You can create an instant green wall with no time.

We offer Free Next Working Day Delivery to UK Mainland. These are for All DIY Artificial Hedge Panel and Green Wall Orders.

We create most of our bespoke items within One Week of placing an order and shipped via a pallet service with a reasonable delivery cost.

artificial tree

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Go Green with a Living Wall

This year we saw the trend of a horizon, living wall and green roofs.

There are some suggestions from us to go green with a living wall or roof.

Cover the garden shed

You have a shed for store tools and unwanted furniture etc. It sits at the bottom of the garden and looking rather tired. Revamp the shed by installing green wall panels on to create an instant living wall.

Rooftop living wall

Want to make the rooftop greener but don’t get enough sunlight, no water pipe, soils are too messy and cumbersome. Artificial mixed plants hedge panels have such assortment of fern, ivy, boxwood, grass. It is as realistic as the real live plants.

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A classic shop front with artificial hedging

artificial hedge shop front

Artificial hedge products have many uses. Here is an excellent example of using synthetic hedging for a shop front.

Mr. Collinson’s shop is selling jewelry.  He wanted to update the shop front. He also has a problem with pigeons roosting on his rail.

First, we changed the rotten wood.  We then installed the artificial boxwood hedge panels. We also added spikes to prevent the pigeons landing on the rail.

Now the shop front is transformed and looks classic.

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Artificial box hedging with legs

The artificial box hedging with legs is ready to go into your trough, or into the ground.
Our client bought some planters with real plants a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, all the flowers and plants died. Because there was no staff looking after these troughs, they were with half bare soil, used as an ashtray and rubbish dump. It is an ugly scene outside her restaurant decking area.
We built artificial box hedging with legs to the exact planter measurements in our HedgedIn warehouse. We delivered within a week. Our delivery driver inserted all units into the empty planter within an hour, so there was no disruption to our client business. These plastic hedging planters instantly transformed her decking into a desirable area for guest relaxation.
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A maintenance free courtyard with artificial hedges

Here we have an excellent example of a maintenance-free courtyard with artificial hedges.

Mr. Selmar is a property developer. He has a broad portfolio. To rent his properties out, he needs his property with minimum maintenance possible.

His interior designer Jane Thomas designed a totally maintenance free courtyard at Marlborough Court Macclesfield by using artificial trees, topiary, hedges, green wall, and artificial grass.

We made her design become a reality.

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Box hedging privacy fence

A privacy fence is to ensure the security and privacy of your dream home, and you want the best protection.

The lady of the house had a problem. Her neighbors could see her getting in and out of the bath.

We overcame this by hanging a one-meter box hedge outside her bathroom window.

Now she can open the window and have a relaxing bath without worrying about her neighbors seeing her.

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Shield the wind and sound with artificial hedge privacy screening

How to shield the wind and sound with artificial hedge privacy screening? Here is a proper site installation we carried out.

A man often says his house is his castle. Colin had a problem. His home is on a busy main road. There are lots of traffic, especially big lorries rushing by creating load noise and wind. Another problem is that his existing fence is only about one meter in height, and he was worried about his two cute little dogs jumping over the wall, and the busy traffic might kill them.

After he did some research and price analysis, he asked Hedged In to create a privacy fence to satisfy his needs.
After a trip to the site for measurement, we prepared all the materials in our warehouse, so there was a minimum distraction to his normal daily life.
Our hedge in team installed the 34 meters long and 2-meter height hedge fence in two days, despite the rain and freezing weather.
You can feel the difference immediately with the sound and wind. And the dogs jump up and down, running happily in the garden.
Of course, Colin is delighted with the result. He now has the privacy and tranquillity he always wanted.
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Understanding your artificial hedging choices

Over the past decade, there has been plenty of hype about artificial grass. From builder’s merchants, garden designers, to landscape gardeners everyone is using it.

Now, there is a growing trend for artificial hedges and instant green wall hitting the UK. But what is it?

Our manufacturer in China makes these Artificial hedging from a mixture of plastic foliage and faux flowers, which click onto a plastic mesh backing. Because the artificial hedging needs no maintenance or watering, it is often a more time saving and cheaper solution than traditional real plants. Also, the artificial hedge is fully recyclable, so it reduces the waste ending up in landfill sites.
These days, consumers are much more price sensitive and environmentally conscious. People are actively looking for products which are reasonably priced and also good for the environment.
Furthermore, with busy working schedules, people want to spend their leisure time enjoying their outdoor spaces rather than maintaining them.
Allow me to introduce to you our maintenance free variety of artificial hedges and green walls. They require a basic wash down with soapy water twice a year, or fiber-duster to dust off the dirt if indoors. It’s this critical maintenance-free benefit which makes it an attractive product, and it is why the market is growing.
Artificial hedge product performs well in rain or shine because it designed to be UV-stable and weather resistant. So it lasts many years and will look as good as it did on the day of installation. For your peace of mind of our quality, our manufacturers back this up with between 3 and 5-year warranties.
Our plastic hedge panels and green walls have flexible backing, so you can quickly fix around bends and corners. You can trim to size with a pair of scissors to allow faster installation.

Furthermore, if you like to add greenery to indoor living spaces, hotel lobbies, bar, and events decor, we have Fire Retardant Artificial Hedges and Green Walls which are fully compliant with all fire safety regulations.

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Why Use Artificial Hedge?

Why Use Artificial Hedge?

Think vibrant color, elegant design and imaginatively arrangement of foliage, plants, and flowers. Think greenery that lasts a lifetime – with none of nature’s defects!
Fake plants, faux flowers, plastic hedge panel, and green wall arrangements are a practical, artful and instant option, and you can install to suit any surface for an event or as a permanent fixture. You can have your privacy straightaway!
And there’s no need to water them, no maintenance or worry that they might die. Just beautiful hedge all year round, as fresh as the day you installed it.
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Hedged In – Reputation for Quality Artificial Hedges

HedgedIn Has A Reputation for Quality Artificial Hedges over the years.

Something that routinely strikes me in many bars and cafes I have an appreciation for good design and annoy me intensely for a lousy job.


“The best project requires an ever higher quality of materials, attention to detail, and flair of tastefulness and minimalism.”

At HedgedIn, we know how to put together an eye-pleasing design and high-quality finishing product.

We create bespoke hedge items such as artificial topiary trees, bin covers, balcony privacy screening. With the creative mindset and can do attitude, we have created many unique pieces of the hedge.
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Cover an ugly wall with expanding artificial hedge trellis

Wendy was very tired of looking at her ugly bank garden wall. She is busy looking after her elderly mother as well as working full time, and she has no time looking after her garden. All the climbing plants died due to the recent heat wave. As a result, some dry twigs were hanging onto the ugly grey concrete wall.

She found Hedged In on google and decided to use our products as we are local to her. I suggested expanding artificial hedge trellis because it worked out more affordable to her budget. I offered her installation advice and arranged a day for delivery. When I delivered these artificial hedges, and I decided to help her installing onto the wall as she was not very DIY sound. We transformed her ugly wall instantly.

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Artificial Hedge Maze creating an instant scenery theme

We recently created 40 units of Artificial Hedge Maze creating an instant scenery theme. These one meter by half meter artificial hedging units were for a game of crazy golf setting up in Glasgow Fort shopping center.

Because these artificial hedging units are going to be outdoor, we used treated timber and exterior hard plywood for the frame. We then painted a base coat and top coat for weather resistance. Our UV-stable artificial boxwood foliage will withstand the sun without color fading for an extended period of 3 years.

We build these Artificial Hedge Maze as individual units.  The benefit is that our client can set up very quickly and store them when no longer in use. Furthermore, these artificial hedgings are great items for hire out and events management company.

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Commercial Restaurant Design – From Visualisation to Reality with Artificial Hedging

EatElite is a new restaurant focus on healthy food and natural ingredients. The owner wants to create a theme of freshness and relax environment for healthy food lovers. We fulfilled the idea of bringing the outdoor-indoor with Hedged In Fire Retardant Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panels. Its realistic look and dark green foliage create classic neat hedging. With green artificial hedging as background, the company logo stands out much more.

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Quality artificial hedging products with excellent customer services equals repeat customer

Hedged in warehouse

When running a starting up a business selling very niche products, it is costly to get a profit for a customer to buy from us for the first time. The advertising cost includes SEO, Google Adword, business directory listing and attending a trade show, and so on. The key to a successful business is to persuade repeat business that customer buys again, and again. This way it cost far less for marketing.

Here at HedgedIn, we have a very enthusiastic team. Our artificial materials are with the highest grade of UV stabilizer, and with a fire retardant agent builds in. We produce all our instant hedge planters in our warehouse with attention to details. We constant communication and update our customers with the hedge building progress. With quality artificial hedging products, excellent customer services, and speedy delivery we have managed to gain lots of repeat customers.

Here is an example of satisfied customer feedback:

” Hi, Jenny,

The school was so impressed with your artificial box hedging they have asked us if we can get some more!  “

Aidan VDM Projects Ltd

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Ready Made Artificial Boxwood Hedging Planters Available To Buy Now

Hedged In have now hundreds of units of 100x25x25cm and 50x25x25cm composite decking planters in stock.
We made the artificial boxwood hedging in two heights – one meter and a half meter.
The boxwood foliage has two options – UV Stable for outdoor and Fire Retardant for indoor.

These instant hedging planters are ideal products for privacy screening, decorating pavement, events divider, etc.

We can make planters to any height, please let us know your unique requirement by calling 0161 477 7419 or email

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Artificial Hedge Panels Roll For Creating Large Privacy Screening


Artificial hedge manufacturers produce the plastic tile as 25x25cm squares. To creating a comprehensive privacy screening, you require clicking lots of small hedge panels together. People often say time is money. To save you time Hedged In offers Artificial Hedge Panels on a 1x3m roll.

We have two artificial foliage options for this synthetic hedge roll – Artificial boxwood hedge panel on a 3mx1m roll and Artificial ivy leaf hedge panel on a roll 3mx1m.
You can remove or add on a section to create unlimited shapes, heights & widths
These artificial hedge rolls are UV Protected for long-term outdoor display. They require low maintenance.
They are versatile products for covering unsightly walls, creating instant hedging, decorating car park entrance, etc.
We offer a volume discount on orders. For larger quantities or unique size options, please contact us for a quotation.

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Hedged In is becoming Artificial Hedges Wholesale UK


Hedged In just had the Third birthday. Another successful year!

What I have learned is that Stock is key to expanding of the business.

To understand how the stock gets here we need to understand the making process.

Only a few countries are making plastic hedge panels and green wall – America and China. China is the primary producer of all products these days. Artificial hedge panels and green wall tiles require a lot of labor hours because each artificial foliage is manually clicked onto the plastic mesh backing. A small 20ft container takes about 30 days to produce, then 30 days sea freight shipping to the UK.

People often use plastic hedge panels and green walls as instant privacy screening. They are the last items to be added as a finishing touch or decorative piece to a landscape project or events. Clients cannot wait 60 days delivery time for their artificial hedging. Therefore, large UK warehouse stock is critical to secure a large project and gain confidence in events organizer and landscape designer.

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Chinese Manufacturer UK Warehouse Artificial Hedges Wholesale


Hedged In becomes our Chinese artificial hedging manufacturer UK business partner. We hold sizeable synthetic hedge panels and green wall stock in our Manchester warehouse. Usually next day delivery to all UK orders and within five days to European cities orders.

There is no longer waiting for products to from China. And the uncertainty of shipping arrival. Not to mention the stress of managing import and paperwork. We can now focus more on selling and customer services.

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Disguising a garden shed as a hedge with artificial foliage

When you live in an affluent area such as Kensington London there are some restrictions on what you can or cannot do with your property. For example, you cannot put a shed in the front garden. But the lady of the house needed a shed for her families’ expensive bikes.

We came up with the solution of covering the shed with artificial foliage that matched the real plants at her front fence.

On the same day as the shed was delivered and installed we stapled the artificial hedge panels onto the shed, covering all the surfaces from top to bottom.

The artificial foliage is so lifelike and disguises the shed so well you cannot tell it is there. No problems or complaints from the neighbours or the Council. A very happy customer!

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Artificial Hedge Trough Make a Feature of Your Windowsill

Bespoke hedging

Windowsills are often small and ignored spaces. With just a little effort and the right decoration, they can be turned into an attractive feature, drawing admiring glances from your neighbours and passersby. Here’s how to turn yours into a focal point.

Style it with an instant hedge planter display

A ready-made Instant Fibreglass Hedge Planter is a good choice to add softness and colour to the space. It can create a beautiful display that looks good and last for years.
These are UV-resistant to protect against fading, do not need watering or trimming, and can be made to exactly fit your requirements, both lengthwise and height, so as not to block any light.
They come in a variety of foliage options, i.e. ivy leaf, boxwood, floral…..create your own style, stand out from the crowd. To view all your options visit our SHOP