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Hedged In is becoming Artificial Hedges Wholesale UK


Hedged In just had the second birthday. Another successful year!

What I have learned is that Stock is key to expanding of the business.

To understand how the stock gets here we need to understand the making process.

There are only a few countries making artificial hedge panels and green wall – America and China. China is the main producer of all products these days. Artificial hedge panels and green wall tiles require a lot of labour hours because each artificial foliage is manually clicked onto the plastic mesh backing. A small 20ft container takes about 30 days to produce, then 30 days sea freight shipping to the UK.

Artificial hedge panels and green walls are often used as instant privacy screening. They are the last items to be added as a finishing touch or decorative piece to a landscape project or events. Clients cannot wait 60 days for their artificial hedging to be delivered. Therefore, large UK warehouse stock is key to secure a large project, and gain confidence in events organizer and landscape designer.

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