Should I buy flame resistant artificial hedge or UV stable artificial hedge?

Should I buy flame resistant artificial hedge or UV stable artificial hedge?

Flame resistant products must be used  if it is for display in the commercial events such as an indoor exhibition centre, movie premier indoor events and shows.

What types of artificial hedges are currently available? 

Most of the quality hedges you buy have some degree of UV stabiliser added in during production process, this is to avoid colour fading for long term exterior display.

At Hedged In we provide a manufacturer UV certificate, guaranteed for 5 year indoor and three year outdoor.

There are two different types of flame resistant artificial products on the market; surface treated and  inherently flame resistant.

Surface treated flame resistant artificial products have either been sprayed or dipped into a flame resistant solution.

This results in a slightly greasy surface which looks shiny and attracts dust particles! The other drawback with surface treated plants is that they cannot be certified as there is no guarantee that the spray or solution has been applied evenly. It’s not recommend!

The plastic foliage on inherently flame resistant hedge panels is made from materials which are chemically treated to resist ignition from a naked flame – e.g. a match or lighter. Here at Hedged In, our IFR artificial foliage is tested to SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services ISO 6925-1982 Textile floor covering-Burning behaviour-Tablet test at ambient temperature. We will provide a certificate for these items. Also view our YouTube – Compare the real fire retardant artificial hedge VS fire retardant spray  for the fire test we carry out.

Is inherently flame resistant artificial hedges truly fireproof?

Buying a flame resistant artificial hedge does not mean your hedging creation is totally fireproof. Only the foliage and the hedge panel is actually flame resistant. The frame of the hedging (which is normally made from plywood) hasn’t been treated and will burn.

Also flame resistant (or fire retardant) artificial foliage does what it says on the tin – resists flames. If the foliage is exposed to constant and extreme heat it will eventually catch light or melt.

So, should I buy flame resistant (or fire retardant) artificial hedges or UV stable hedges? 

For the majority of customers using it outdoors, such as garden fence, privacy screening, balcony and roof terrace our range of UV stable and weatherproof artificial hedge panel is ideal. You have lots of foliage varieties to choice from at a reasonable price. Inherently Flame Resistant (aka Fire Retardant) artificial hedge panels are roughly 30% more expensive than their NON-IFR counterparts.