Bespoke Artificial Instant Flowering Hedge Planters Green Screen


Bespoke Item Delivery Quote Separately.

The height options below are inclusive of the height of the artificial hedge panel + a 20cm planter.

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Artificial Hedging are perfect for preserving privacy, mask unsightly objects, muffling noise, forming windbreaks, and to simply decorate your home and garden. It can be used to create a garden greenery feeling in any space, especially for those places that do not have the bare earth for directing planting such as balcony, patios, roof terrace etc.

Discover a new alternative to traditional space dividers with our outdoor artificial instant hedge planters. Lush and lifelike Instant Hedge Planters look great anywhere. This floral Fiberglass Planter design doubles as decoration and privacy screening for any exterior space. Great for use as:

  • Sidewalk café/bar barriers
  • Entryway delineation
  • Rooftop, deck and patio privacy

It is hard to find planters that fit. Hedged In bespoke hedge building services can help you create a new breed of modern outdoor planters designed for urban living. Design with Fiberglass Planter, 72 cm long x 20 cm height x 20 cm depth, these instant flowering hedge screening planters are modern, outdoor living furniture and unique accessories. This product is ideally suited for the landscaping industry and all aspects of hospitality places as well as exhibitions and shows.

Outdoor artificial instant hedge planters are constructed at Hedged In warehouse, attached to an external plywood frame, using only the highest grade synthetics with integrated UV protection. Fade resistance lets space dividers keep their gorgeous coloration longer.

In heavy traffic applications like sidewalk café barriers, both fake plants and fiberglass containers hold up with commercial-grade strength. Instant hedge planter is also virtually maintenance-free to yield long-term savings.

Key Features:

  • UV proof Artificial hedge panels.
  • Fiberglass Planters.
  • Bespoke sizes available.
  • Design and installation advice.
  • Designer Garden Planters.
  • Delivery quote separately for planters.

Delivered Direct with Free Delivery for all Artificial Hedge Panel 50 x 50 cm Tiles.

Bespoke hedge building services available for any size hedge planters and your choose of planters and hedge panels please call Hedged In 0161 477 7419 or email for a quote.

Additional Information
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 72 x 20 x 95 cm
Size (Height x Width x Depth)

45cm x 72cm x 20cm, 70cm x 72cm x 20cm, 95cm x 72cm x 20cm, 120cm x 72cm x 20cm

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