Artificial Boxwood Hedge with 25cm Composite Decking Planter


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The height options below are inclusive of a 25cm planter + height of the artificial hedging.

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1m L x 0.25m D x 0.25m H Composite Decking Planter + 1m UV Boxwood, total height 1.25m

This ready made artificial hedge planter features UV stable, weather resistant dense standard boxwood dark green foliage, it’s perfect for screening unsightly areas or dividing garden spaces.

Planter 18mm exterior composite decking.

Dark Grey in colour

Treated timber frame with 5.5mm exterior hard plywood

Grey base coat and dark green top coat for supporting frames.

This 1m long artificial boxwood hedge is available in a variety of heights, please contact us for your bespoke hedge quote. 

Additional Information
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 103 x 30 x 140 cm
Size (Height x Width x Depth)

75cm x 50cm x 25cm, 125cm x 50cm x 25cm, 75cm x 100cm x 25cm, 125cm x 100cm x 25cm

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