Artificial Deluxe Box Hedging Hedge Panel 50cm x 50cm

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Artificial outdoor hedges and outdoor artificial plants can add appeal and convenience to any home, business or commercial establishment.  A fake hedge privacy screening is perfect to cover unsightly views for customers or visitors while simultaneously making an area more private and secluded for those relaxing. For those occasions where the result is more important than the cost, our deluxe boxwood artificial hedges will fit the bill. This deluxe fake boxwood hedge is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, with a high density of leaves of differing shades, creating a healthy, full looking hedge.

The deluxe boxwood does not look at all like artificial boxwood hedging, with the density, compact texture feeling very much like the real thing…… except with zero maintenance!

As with all Hedged In products, the deluxe artificial box hedging is made from a blend of high quality polyurethane that has the UV protection impregnated directly into the resin for maximum life before fading, UV stable and weatherproof to give you perfect hedges all year round. At Hedged In we provide a manufacturer UV certificate, guaranteed for 5 year indoor and three year outdoor. Outdoor artificial boxwood hedges are available in 50 x 50 cm interlocking squares or can be custom made to almost and size or shape.

Key Features:

  • 50 x 50 cm interlocking squares
  • UV protection impregnated
  • Zero maintenance
  • Density offering solid coverage
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Dimensions 50 x 50 x 5 cm