Instant Hedging & DIY hedge panels

Instant Hedging & DIY hedge panels

Instant hedge planters
With excellent customer services and creative mind we specialise in instant hedging units and produce both single planter and trough in a large variety of species to suit your needs.Our large range of quality artificial garden hedging panels are becoming increasingly popular for projects that require instant impact. It is perfect for garden hedging, fencing, privacy screens and hedges.Our instant hedging units are fast lead time and available in popular species such as Clover, Ivy, Boxwood, Floral and Native Mix plants.

Our instant hedging unit benefits include:

  • Instant, established hedging, providing soft screening and privacy.
  • Softens new fence lines instantly.
  • Botanically accurate mixed hedging provide security, a deterrent to unwanted guests.
  • Install instant hedging for wind and sound reduction.

We look forward to supplying you with instant hedging planters or DIY hedges panels of your choice, available on our website

Please contact us on 0161 477 7419 or email for details of design and installation advise if required.