From creating highly aesthetic focal points to privacy walls, the possibilities are endless with Hedged In’s artificial hedge products.

To give you a little inspiration, here are some examples of how our customers have made use of our products.

Artificial Hedges

Artificial hedges provide a versatile alternative for a wide variety of uses, as shown on this page. Apart from the usual options of privacy hedges and planters, they can be used to create innovative design features to set your home or business apart.

artificial hedging panels
  • Garden Green Wall

    Decorate your garden fence using artificial green wall.

  • Maintenance Free Garden

    Artificial grass and hedge create a maintenance free garden.

  • artificial buxus hedging

    UV stabilised artificial foliage creating an instant garden fence.

Artificial Hedging Planters

Artificial hedging planters are ideal for those windowbox spaces where real plants are unlikely to thrive, or where you simply need to provide privacy screening or ornate partitions.

Bespoke box hedging planters can be made to any size or dimensions.

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  • artificial hedge wall

  • artificial hedge screening planter

  • Instant Artificial Hedge and Faux Hedges

  • artificial floral planter screening

  • Instant flowering hedge screening planters

  • Instant hedging for decking roof garden balcony showroom

  • Roof terrace privacy screening

    Provide total screening for your balcony

  • Box hedging privacy screening

  • Artificial Deluxe Planters

    Zero maintenance screening.

Artificial boxwood hedging with legs
Artificial hedge planter

How to Build Bespoke Hedge Planter for Balconies

How to Build Instant Artificial Hedge Privacy Garden Fence

How to Build Bespoke Floral Hedge Planters

Ready-made Artificial Boxwood Hedge Bin Cover

bespoke boxwood hedge planter
Maintenance free garden hedge fence

For Businesses

Artificial hedging can be used to create your company signage or logo, a distinctive feature which will set your business apart. It is UV protected and requires zero maintenance, another attractive feature.

Is your office environment plain and dull? An artificial green wall can transform the dullest space into a vibrant enjoyable working environment for less than you might think.

  • Artificial box hedging planters

  • Artificial topiary ball planters

  • shop front with artificial hedging

  • artificial tree

  • Garden Fence Privacy

    Shades of Spring green leaves recreate real plants.

  • Clover Garden Fence

    Clover will bring you luck all year round.

More Uses

Do you have a project you need help with or would like to discuss?

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  • buxus hedging fence

  • Artificial pink boxwood hedge wedding backdrop

  • Silk flower wedding backdrop

  • artificial hedge letter Amani

  • Artificial boxwood hedge pyramids

  • Artificial hedge green wall

  • Indoor Golf Course

    Decorate your indoor garden fence using artificial boxwood.

  • Bespoke Hedge Building

    Made to measure any size.

  • Box Hedging Fence

    UV stabilised artificial instant hedges.

  • Floral Hedge Panels Are A Wonderful Alternative To Traditional Grown Hedging.

    This is the perfect panel when wanting something a little more creative to add to your home or your garden.

  • Artificial Made-to-measure Instant Hedge Planter

    Long lasting UV stabilised artificial flowering hedge planters are great for your home and office, also perfect for weddings and events. We can help you create them.

  • Artificial foliage covering shed

    Very realistic and lifelike artificial high density foliage is perfect gardening material for hedging walls and privacy fences, an excellent covering for any unsightly parts of your garden.

  • artificial hedge planters

    Instant privacy for your balcony, roof terrace and window display.

  • Boxwood Billboard Design Art & Creative Shop Display

    Artificial boxwood hedge panels often used for billboard design shop display.

  • Artificial floral hedge wedding arch

    Premium UV stable artificial boxwood panels for instant outdoor display