Fake vertical gardens and instant green walls are the leading garden trend

Fake vertical gardens and instant green walls are the leading garden trend

Instant Garden Green Wall

People are longing for be close to nature. A spot of “green” has a calming effect and increases productivity. Quirky bars and cafes have artificial hedging planters outside, and have started bringing the fake plants indoors, adding themes and atmosphere.

The newest garden trend are vertical gardens and instant green walls.

You see lots of artificial hedge for outdoor display. Some people may find the idea of artificial hedges indoors a bit bizarre. With lifelike replica plants so authentic  you could hardly tell them apart. With no watering, weeding or cutting necessary it’s maintenance free. Unlike real plants, these synthetic plants wouldn’t attract creepy crawlies  and insects, and leave no mouldy spots or leaking pots. Further more, plastic plants have no harsh thorns. They are children and pet friendly. You may have concerns about plastic materials indoors being a fire hazard. No worries, the fire retardant ingredients were added during the production process so they can not catch fire.

With evergreen artificial hedges you can enjoy them all year round, from cosy Christmas to refreshing summer, especially with UV stabilizer added to prevent discolouration and fading.

Artificial Hedge Billboard Design

You might see hedging displays at many commercial places, shopping malls, restaurants, hotel lobbies. Considering putting artificial hedges somewhere in your own home seems like a big step. However, selecting the right style and creation can add a modern and personal touch to your home.

Instant green wall

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