Artificial Hedge The Ultimate Buying Guide

Artificial Hedge The Ultimate Buying Guide

artificial boxwood hedge garden fence

Artificial grass has gained in popularity. There are lots of companies out there selling and installing astro turf, and artificial hedge is also becoming increasingly popular. Walking through big cities such as London and Manchester you will see some impressive artificial hedging display around every corner in different outlets.

boxwood hedge for bar and restaurant

So you like the idea of having an instant hedging in your garden? With this relatively new product it is difficult to know what you are looking for and how to install it.

There are some tips for you prior to your artificial hedge purchase, and suggestions for your installation:

What are you using the artificial hedge for?

There are many uses artificial hedging could offer. Maybe to cover up the ugly mouldy wall in your courtyard, or to turn your living room into a green oasis, to update your balcony, to add a touch of greenery to your roof terrace, to add privacy screening to your front garden, to make an instant planter, to decorate your windowsill, to creating an animal or topiary figure, to creating a border or barrier.

Where are you using the artificial hedging?

Before purchasing the perfect artificial hedge panels we need to know where would you like your hedge to sit. If you like your hedge fence to look as if it is growing straight from the ground you would need build a frame fixed into the ground, and using upright growing foliage for the hedge fence. In places such as decking, balcony and roof terraces it is unrealistic for the plants to grow from the ground, the better option would be instant hedge planters. For commercial indoor display you would need to consider fire retardant foliage.

Measure up the area

It is important to measure up the area as accurately as possible. Hedged In DIY hedge panels come as 50 x 50 cm interlocking squares. Four hedge tiles make one square metre. You would also need to consider the other side of the garden fence for your neighbour’s view. You would also need to consider 5 sides for a hedge planter.

Pick the right artificial foliage

boxwood artificial hedge panel

The most common artificial foliage in commercial use is box hedging. Its dark green leaf imitates the real plants and has a manicured look.

ivy leaf artificial hedge panel

The ivy leaf is another popular choice. There are a few types of ivy foliage design to choose from in our Hedged in Shop.

ivy Spring bush artificial hedge panel

Ivy Spring bush is great to cover an unsightly wall or fence. Its foliage has a 45 degree upright angle and is often used to create a vertical garden. This hedge is not conducive for hedge planter building.

mixed plants artificial hedge panel

Mixed plants metre square panels is the ultimate luxury choice. It combines moss, ivy, grass and fern to create a botanically accurate greenery as if the real plants are growing upright from the ground.

Do you need to cover all side of your fence?

The hedge panels are made from plastic mesh backing, which can be fixed onto any surface including bends and corners. If you are covering an unsightly wall in your courtyard there is no need to cover the other side. If you are building a divider or border between your garden and the neighbours it is recommended to build both sides

What materials are artificial hedge made from?

All our Hedged In artificial hedge panels are made from 100% raw polyethylene. It is fully recyclable. The greenery “twigs” are clicked onto a plastic mesh backing. UV stabiliser was added during production to prevent foliage discolouration and fading. Fire retardant ingredients was added for IFR certified artificial hedges.

Can I DIY my own hedge?

It is quick and easy to install hedges. By clicking the “male” and “female” connectors together artificial hedge panels can form any size and shape. Using a pair of scissors you can trim any excess off. please see my other blog page for instructions on how to install artificial hedge.

Can you build my hedge for me?

Hedged In offer bespoke hedge building services. From taking your ideas, we design and install the hedge, we have it covered. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the everlasting hedge. For a quick look at our projects and services please see our Inspiration Page, or call us on 0161 477 7419 to create your own unique hedging.

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